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  • Notification settings.

    I'm the Admin of a board and having trouble with some Users complaining they are not getting email notification of new posts and threads. I'm not sure I understand the notification settings correctly from what the 'Help' dialogue says when I check a particular User account and look at the Automatic Thread Subscription Mode in the Browser Options of their profile.
    I thought this was the setting that they need to receive notifications from all forums posts and threads.. but this doesn't appear correct as the Help dialogue says

    This suggests my understanding is wrong in this this setting if how others see this User's posts, not the the setting for this User's notifications.

    So could anyone please clarify for me so I can advise the Users.. where to they go to control their Notfications and can the Admin control a particular User's settings too?


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    1. That will subscribe them to threads that they reply to. It isn't a global subscription.
    2. The user will receive one notification for one or more replies on a specific thread. After they visit the site, they will get a new notification on the next reply.
    3. If they user subscribes to individual forums, they can choose to get a daily digest or weekly digest on that forum. Forums do not send an notification on every topic.

    In vBulletin 5 Connect, when a user subscribes to an individual forum, they can receive notifications for every new topic(thread) and post in that forum following the same formula in #2 above.
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