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Its good iddea use memcached?

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  • Wayne Luke
    With vBulletin 4, Memcached can provide a benefit but it is relatively small. You can offload your Datastore to Memcached. It won't hurt to try it though. Depending on your server, you might get a better boost using OPCACHE built into PHP.

    Using PHP 7.1, will give you a performance boost "by an order of magnitude". Upgrading to MySQL 5.7 (or even 8) will give you a significant performance boost as well. Making sure your tables are INNODB can also help. If you use MySQL 5.7 or higher, tables with fulltext indexes can be INNODB. With lower versions they should remain MyISAM. MyISAM will slow your site down and increase its required resources.

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  • gnrx
    started a topic [Forum] Its good iddea use memcached?

    Its good iddea use memcached?

    Hello and Happy new Year.
    My host contact with me for differents terms (one of them, they want me to migrate to a higher plan because the one I have now is a legacy plan).
    I've been looking at the possibility of using memcached, and after reading a lot, I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.
    At the moment, I do not use any cache system.
    You advise me to use memcached?
    Thanks and best regards.

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