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  • vBulletin Webmaster needed

    Hi, I'm looking for an experienced person who might be able to look at a large 4.25 forum and help to discover why the mobile view were on display correctly and also help us sort out problems without AdSense Google ads.

    Everything was working quite well until we had a recent upgrade and now it's in chaos.

    I'm happy to pay a reasonable fee, of course.

    Please contact me

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    If you scroll down the mobile view of the forum at

    You will see that it is all orderly and well presented and then about 2/3 down it becomes a mess.

    We have no idea what happened but it seems to me that there may be some closing HTML statement which is missing.

    We could really do with some help here please.


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      You missed the closing </font> tag in the "Mortgage companies" forum.

      HTML Code:
      <h3><a href="........"><font color=black>Mortgage companies</a></h3>

      GIPHY for vB5 AutoLinker Auto-Create Flag Report Topic Social Icons in Postbit Clear Cache Cron DragDrop Upload Topic AJAX AutoUpdate Custom Avatars Selector Stop Links in Posts...and more!


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        Blimey, that was a quick response. I'm completely non-technical but I'll get someone to look at it.

        I'll get back to you


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          Well I can't thank you enough. I don't know how on earth you did it but it's fixed and I was really getting desperate.

          It's such a relief.

          I'm sending you a PM.


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