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4.2.5 Spam Users always register to my forum which i even use image verification.

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  • wawro
    1. Install GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic
    2. Turn on
    Moderate New Members
    If you enable this setting, all new users will be placed into a validation queue for you to approve before they are allowed full privileges. (You can determine what permissions these users have while they are awaiting validation by modifying the permissions for the 'Users Awaiting Moderation' group.) If you also have Verify Email Address in Registration enabled, below, the user must first verify their email address, and then they will be put into the validation queue.
    It's makes more job to you, but prevent spam users attack.

    3. install New reCaptcha for Human Verification

    All points above should solve yours problems.

    All The Best

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  • Wayne Luke
    You should use Question and Answer in vBulletin 4. There may be an addon at that provides additional options for you.

    There are additional spam prevention features built into vBulletin 5 by default.

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  • 4.2.5 Spam Users always register to my forum which i even use image verification.


    I always shut the new registration to my forum.
    Because when i open the registration the spam users attack to my register.php file for new registration.
    They couldnt pass email verification only.

    How can i fix this problem?
    They have any harmful code in my site?

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  • woodmj
    by woodmj
    I assumed this was integrated into VB5 & input my API key & chose my settings in the ACP Spam Management section but I'm not sure it's screening any registrations & it doesn't seem to appear...
    Sat 1st Jun '19, 6:57am