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Is there a way to slow down the rebuild search index function?

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  • myke2008
    Thank you, I'll try that. I just upgraded from a phpbb board so it seamed like a good idea to do it at least once.

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  • Wayne Luke
    The search engine index is built when every post is created and doesn't need to be rebuilt regularly. Why are you trying to rebuild it?

    The only way to slow it down without modifying the code is to set "Include automatic JavaScript redirect to next page?" to No. Then you have to press a Continue button after every page load.

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  • Is there a way to slow down the rebuild search index function?

    vbulletin 4.25 forum with 106,000 posts only and my host's database server shut's me out after 75,000 querry's in a hour. This 404's the entire site and automatically unlocks the DB in one hour. It only takes about 15 minutes to max out and off it goes. If I click rebuild search index.

    Can I use my local copy of the index somehow if the url is localhost/ ? They told me I need to pay $240 per year for the "increase the max query widget" or whatever it is.

    or maybe I can point the domain here locally and build it, then upload it?

    I'm probably over thinking it, please tell me there is an easier way?

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