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All known VB 4.2.5 bug fixes (combined.)

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  • Peter Walker
    I found a bug on the mobile template, when used with Chrome. The description and working correction can be found in this thread.

    There are still some minor issues with the mobile template. Some pages have a lot of white space after the forum content. It would be great if you could post a fix for that, as well.

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  • BirdOPrey5
    Advanced Post Editing fix for Google Chrome based browsers.

    An change in Google Chrome meant to protect sites from cross-site-scripting (XSS) exploits is backfiring and blocking legitimate scripts on various web applications including VB 4.2.5. The fix is to create a simple plugin that tells the browser to turn off this feature for the Advanced Editor pages.

    You can do this in one of two ways, either manually create the plugin or download the attached file and then upload it as a new product in the Admin CP -> Product Manager -> Add New Product.

    Do one or the other, not both.

    Manual Instructions:

    1) Go to Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Add New Plugin
    2) On the plugin page enter the following values:

    Product: vBulletin
    Hook Location: editpost_update_start
    Title: XSS Block Bug Fix
    Execution Order: 1
    Plugin PHP Code:
    //bugfix from vbsupport
    Set Active:Yes

    Save changes.

    Or upload the attached .XML file and import it into Product Manager in the Admn CP. There are no settings, it works as soon as it is imported.
    Attached Files
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  • BirdOPrey5
    Issue: Timezones that are partial hours (15, 30, 45 minutes) different from GMT do not work in VB 4.2.5.

    A fix that resolves most of the issue. Calendar events will still not be correct if the time of the event is entered by someone from one of these time zones that aren't whole hours different from GMT.

    At or about line 4503 of /includes/functions.php


    $tzos = [COLOR="Red"]intval[/COLOR]($vbulletin->userinfo['timezoneoffset']);

    $tzos = [COLOR="Blue"]floatval[/COLOR]($vbulletin->userinfo['timezoneoffset']);
    There hasn't been a lot of testing. If you notice any new problems please post them ASAP at

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  • BirdOPrey5
    started a topic All known VB 4.2.5 bug fixes (combined.)

    All known VB 4.2.5 bug fixes (combined.)

    As VB 4.2.5 is likely the last release of VB 4.x other than security patches any bug fixes found will need to be manually applied. This thread will be the home of all know VB 4.2.5 bug fixes.

    The first fix is for Social Group Picture Uploading:

    A customer found and identified the reason for bug affecting the uploading of images to social groups in VB 4.2.5. In short, you can not upload new images to social groups in VB 4.2.5, you end up with a white page.

    A quick fix is to edit the group.php file.

    On or about line 3672

    Currently is:
    PHP Code:
    if ((!empty($_POST['do']) AND $_POST['do'] == 'insertpictures') OR $_REQUEST['do'] == 'addpictures'
    Change it to:
    PHP Code:
    if ((!empty($_POST['do']) AND ($_POST['do'] == 'insertpictures') OR $_REQUEST['do'] == 'addpictures') OR ($_POST['do'] == 'updatepictures')) 
    Tested on my own VB 4.2.5 board it seems to fix the issue.

    As it is unlikely there will be an official fix you should make note of this and any file customizations you do to your site in case you ever need to restore default VB 4.2.5 files.

    Also be sure to use a code editor and not windows notepad to edit PHP files.

    JIRA report:
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