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How to disable all outgoing forum emails for a specific user?

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  • How to disable all outgoing forum emails for a specific user?

    There are times when I have a long time user, someone who registered on the forum several years ago, who continues to actively use the forum, but no longer has a valid email address. Is there a way to completely disable all outgoing forum emails for that one specific user?

    Looking at a user's profile in ACP, I see an option for:
    • Receive Admin Emails
    • Send Notification Email When a Private Message is Received
    • Automatic Thread Subscription Mode - Subscribe with no notification
    Is there anything else I can do?

    The Automatic Thread Subscription Mode only applies for future thread subscriptions. Is there a way to remove all thread subscription notification emails for one user, and not change what threads they are subscribed to?

    I'm fine running an SQL query if I have to.

    Asking for both vBulletin 4 and 3 if it matters.

    Thanks in advance.
    PNW Moto

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    And in ACP, when I change a user's Primary Usergroup to "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" will this disable any and all email notifications from the forum to the user? And if so, will this alert the user that they need to update their email address the next time they login to the forum?
    PNW Moto


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      • Delete member's subscriptions from the dropdown at the top of the ACP member's page.
      • Set Notify on Friend Requests to No.
      • Set PM notifications by email to off, popup norificastions to Yes.
      • Disable visitor messages?

      What I do in such cases in move bouncebacks to a usergroup called Inactive Users as the primary group (because in vB 4.x, secondary groups have never worked properly for me).

      Then, for any multiple user emails going out, like the weekly newsletter, I exclude that group, since it will just create more bounceback emails from my server.

      Finally, I have a notice that is active only for the Inactive Users group:

      HTML Code:
      <center>Welcome back, {username}. </center>
      <br /><br />Your membership has been set to Inactive, either at your request or due to an invalid email address that at some point caused an email message sent by this forum to bounce back to the server.
      <br /><br />To remedy this, please ensure that you have provided a valid email address via your <a href="http://YOURDOMAIN/profile.php?do=editpassword">Settings</a>. If doing this does not automatically reactivate your account, or if you have any other difficulty reestablishing your account, please send an email describing the problem to [email protected] or use the <a href="http://YOURDOMAIN/sendmessage.php">Contact Us</a> link in the bottom navigation bar of any forum page.
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        Great solution djbaxter.
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