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Missing AdminCP sections after update

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  • Missing AdminCP sections after update

    Working on a local dev site, I installed the update from 4.2.3 Patch Level 2 to 4.2.4. The upgrade went off without a hitch... expect I'm missing 3rd party add-on sections in the AdminCP. The php files are still in the AdminCP directory on the server, the add-ons still work in the forum, it's just that the AdminCP sections are no longer available.

    I know vBulletin doesn't support 3rd party additions, but I wonder if anyone might know how I can go about fixing this. This is the first update I've done in over 10 years that this has happened.

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    I just noticed that it's not only the 3rd party add-ons, I also no longer have the vBulletin Blog section in my AdminCP. All other sections appear to be there except those that are not a part of the original vBulletin forum.


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      Please ignore this. I've discovered that quite a few 4.2.4 files were not copied over to the 4.2.3 forum. It appears that I posted this thread without first double checking that I'd done my job correctly.

      My apologies.


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        No worries, it happens, at least you found the issue.
        Baby, I was born this way


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