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Strange Login redirect message issue

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  • SilverBoy
    started a topic Strange Login redirect message issue

    Strange Login redirect message issue


    My forum was work smoothly without any troubles, until upgrading to vb 4.2.3, then I get a strange problem !!

    When some one try to login (My forum main language is Arabic) he get diamond letters with question mark inside them beside the right Arabic text !!

    I made all of check kinds that I can think about, but without luck !!

    The strange thing I used the same language file in the same vb copy in my test forum and there is no problem in login redirect message !!

    I disabled hooks, delete and rewrite the phrase, and even check files manually but nothing appear here or there !!

    When using Firefox to browse my forum, when I press escape button and then go to view menu and the text encoding I find the encoding is Unicode not Arabic and when I change it to Arabic it display every thing right !!

    BTW, all other redirect messages in my forum works right, the only login redirect have this issue.

    Do you have some tips to figure this out?

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