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Password/login issues after upgrade

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  • Password/login issues after upgrade

    We upgraded our form from 3.7 to the latest 4.2.x Since then I have multiple people unable to login, they can't seem to reset their passwords either but a direct password change via admincp seems to do the trick.

    Not sure what is going on here exactly. Php is now also 5.6 vs the 5.2 previously, I understand that php 5.3 and above is using a different hashing for passwords in MySQL but does this impact on these user passwords as well? That's one theory I have.

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    I am experiencing the same thing since the upgrade to the latest PL. When folks say that they forgot their password, the link emailed comes up to either a blank page, error 500, or the forum main menu, instead of the usual place. I had about a half dozen folks email about it, and was able to duplicate.

    I tried disabling plugins, one at a time, but the behavior didn't change.


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      I figured out the cause, which seemingly started with the new PL.

      If someone forgot their password, it generates the email and sends it fine. They click the link and are simply presented with a white screen, or sometimes a 500 error. View source shows nothing at all.
      example link from email:

      In case anyone else is in the same boat, I figured out out by process of elimination. This plugin: Dragonbyte VBSecurity Lite v 2..24

      I'll see if there is a fix, and report it to the author.



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        A blank screen or 500 server error would indicate a fatal PHP error. Putting your forum into debug mode can expose these. You can also review your server logs to see if they are listed. We would need to know what the error is.
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          I think this is the plugins fault, not yours. I'm all set since I disabled it.

          I notified the author. I may put it into debug mode, just to see, though.



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