Restoring vB4 from vB5 backup

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  • HowToEvery
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    • Jun 2016
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    [Forum] Restoring vB4 from vB5 backup

    I had a vB5 website, deleted it and created vB4 from scratch because there were too many bugs in vB5. How can I restore all data from the old vB5 website to the new one?
    The website was in alpha version so I didn't had a lot of content, I can actually copy-paste the whole thing, but it will take about 1 full day of work (it's not just posts, but also pages and forums)..
    So what is the most efficient way to place my vBulletin 5 backup in my vBulletin 4 website?
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  • Replicant
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    • Sep 2014
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    There's a couple of guys that charge to do the conversion. I've done it myself through SQL manipulation of the database. I can tell you from my personal experience, if it's a relatively small amount of content, take the day and get it done. There is no easy downgrade vb5 to vb4.


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