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Still preparing for move and possible vb5 upgrade - image verification internal error?

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  • Still preparing for move and possible vb5 upgrade - image verification internal error?

    I'm still trying to work out all the kinks on my new of them is emailing via php, which is obviously a configuration issue...during my testing, I discovered I can't register for an account because there's a line under registration for image verification that says "An internal error occurred: 5330F5E8F1A60.A8CC98F.EA031D99"

    I guessed that was because my recaptcha keys are specific to the other domain (testing on .info, main site is on .com)...

    So I disabled recaptcha and switched to a regular image verification...same I tried disabling human verification in general, and it's still there.

    So I've been having some very oddball things like this happen on the new there something I can do to get my modified settings to stick? What could I be doing wrong? I intend to upgrade to vb5, but I want to make sure my moved vb4 is good to go first.

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    Oh yeah...I have the forum closed via turn vbulletin on/off...yet it doesn't show me a forum closed message...Yet if I look at whos online, I see the icon showing "viewing forum closed message"

    whats up with that?


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      There'll be an actual error in the server logs...we need to know what that is.

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        which error? php5-fpm or nginx? Because I'm not seeing anything in there.


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          my nginx error log is 0 bytes actually


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            everything else seems to work through diagnostics is sending...I'm able to post and upload attachments just fine.


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              so, I've figured out it's some odd combination between the /includes/datastore_cache.php file and the options row in the vb_datastore appears datastore_cache.php isn't getting updated by the site...possibly a permissions issue.

              datastore_cache.php is -rw-r--r-- on both servers. but I only seem to have this problem on the new server...

              Editing the datastore_cache.php file manually applies the settings, the database values seem to have no effect over whats in datastore_cache.php...However, the admincp always shows the values I actually have set that are not being I dunno.

              yup...permissions...I set datastore_cache.php to that what it should be?
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                To enable vBulletin to write to the file, yes - it will need to be 777
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