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Clearing Datastore with memcache

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  • Clearing Datastore with memcache

    We have been attacked again by the filestore malware and Sucuri has told me to clear the datastore.

    Sine our datastore is memcached, I understood I needed to use tools.php from the do_not_upload folder to reset bitfields. I am pretty lost on this, but I managed to download another copy of 4.2.2 to get access to the tools.php script.

    However, when I try to execute it, I get a couple oerrors that reference the install folder, which I have, of course, removed from our system.

    Can someone help me understand this? Or, give more explicit directions.

    By the way, I needed to recover my password to enter this post and it seems that you are using mailqueue so it takes about a half hour to get a new password. I was surprised because it does not appear that the traffic here is heavy enough to worry about email overloads.
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