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High CPU utilization from apache with vBulletin active

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  • [Forum] High CPU utilization from apache with vBulletin active

    A little background about a month ago (35 days) we saw this behavior. Tried cycling apache, that only helped for a moment or two. Ended up simply rebooting the server and things seemed to be fine after that. The past few days I had noticed high useage. Until yesterday when things slowed to a crawl. To the point that it took several times to even SSH into the server. Utilization in the 200's. Stopped httpd, things behave. Turned it back on, cpu utilization rockets. So I started to try to pick apart all the "bolt ons" to the forum. Disabled the openx ads, a few things on the sidebars. Problem repeated. I haven't added any plugins in quite some time, so I disabled all of them. Problem is still there with the forum active. Now, flip the forum to off (mods/admins can view only), and it's fine. It's been fine all night like that.

    There's a few things that need to be updated. I did go ahead and update httpd. But that seems to have no effect. There's still mysql and php that need updates. (I know vB needs those at least from the list) I guess I'll update them.

    Just at a loss what the cause is, and why it "resolved" itself last month from a reboot.

    System info:
    Centos 6.5 on VM
    2 CPU 3ghz
    8gb ram, 6.5gb in use currently in "offline" mode.
    MySql 5.1.73
    PHP 5.3.3
    vBulletin 4.2.1 PL1
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    So I did some more testing. Disabled zbblock for a moment to see if I could bring the forum up. No change. So before going any further I decided to take a backup of the database. Even with the forum off, apache spiked again. I've noted 125-200+ processes running. A vast majority of them are Apache when they scroll through top. So I watched the utilization not touching the database or apache. I gziped the backup, which of course used up a chunk of CPU. The interesting thing is, while gzip would spike a CPU to 100% at times. Overall utilization only got up to 2.05 at most during this action. While I was taking the backup and the forum set to off, utilization soared to 150+. Kinda wondering now since disabling hooks and plug ins, as well as zbblock have had no effect. Perhaps there's something going on with apache/php/mysql?


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      hmm ya, i would try that php and sql upgrade to start, they are very outdated...idk how much that has to do with issue, but its something def needs done...seems easier to trouble shoot stuff when theres less problems behind u know


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        Update php to 5.6, MySQL to 5.5, then update vBulletin to 4.2.3.

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          My understanding is that PHP 5.6 may have some issues. I would recommend upgrading just to PHP 5.5.x at present.
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