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Chrome reduces images in tables

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  • Chrome reduces images in tables

    OK, so I have searched and searched ( here and the web) for the problem of Chrome reducing the image size in a table. When viewed in firefox, IE, safari the images look normal. However, when viewed in Chrome they are shrunk down sometimes to the point of a favicon.

    A web search shows the problem as Chrome rendering the text that is in the table as the problem. For instance, in this URL the normal pic size is 296 x 225 and chrome shrinks it down to 12 x 9. Like I said I have searched here and cant find a post that deals with the issue. A web search says its the way chrome looks at the table. https://boulderinformationservices.w...n-table-cells/

    I would not worry about it, but most users to my site seem to be using chrome where as it used to be firefox which I use.

    Can someone please point me to a post that has the problem solved or solve the problem here?

    Evil abounds when good people do nothing!

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