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  • AD Placements and Weighting

    Quick question about ad placements. Thought I understood how it worked until I tried it today.

    Wanted to have an ad appear at the top of the main forum page. When I tried, I realized that there was no choice to show it only there.

    So, seeing as how the system gave weighted precedence to all the ads, I thought if I put a global ad with the lowest weight, and then placed ads to show in each of my forums and subforums (was either going to leave them blank or put in forum sponsors), then it would the main ad would show on the main page, but on the forum pages, those ads would take over and the main page ad wouldn't show.

    Instead, it shows both ads on the forum pages - not what I expected.

    Is there any way around this? In vb3, I just inserted the main page ad code into one of the templates... but I thought since the system was there and written in, I'd use it.


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