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  • Picture orientation

    4.2.2 patch level 1
    PHP Version 5.3.29

    Android cell phone pictures attached to posts are displayed with correct orientation only if they were taken in landscape mode, i.e. with the phone held horizontally (with auto-rotate enabled). Pictures taken in portrait mode, i.e. camera held vertically, display sideways.

    I have cleared the camera cache and data to no avail. I tested the same pictures on Facebook and they display correctly. The pictures display correctly in all PC viewing apps.

    Multiple users report this same problem on our forum.

    Is there an AdminCP setting that controls this? Or is there a way users can rotate the picture from within the forum when they see it preview incorrectly?

    Attached are three screen captures. The first two are pictures posted to Facebook, one taken in portrait mode, the second in landscape. The third picture shows the same two pictures uploaded to my VB forum from the same computer.

    Thank you.

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    Previous discussion here:

    (looks like Win10 doesn't work well here on the forum...won't make that a link)



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      Thanks, Kurtin. So there's no solution to this simple, common problem.


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