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Post Replies and Titles missing? HELP!!!

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  • Post Replies and Titles missing? HELP!!!

    Here is what we are seeing: All of the stats were there, and "blank posts" appeared in place of everything that should have been there. No thread titles displayed, and all thread content was empty. The posts were THERE, they were just empty. Usernames were there, signatures were there, etc... just no post content.
    I even tried switching to our alternate theme to see if maybe it was a theme glitch, but things were exactly the same in the other theme. Also the same in Tapatalk!

    I tried several obvious "rebuild" and "repair" options in Admin, no change.

    I tried disabling every plugin/product via admin, no change.

    here is our site in case you want to look

    Would be nice if anyone (maybe even a vB tech) could tell us what happened and more importantly, how to actually fix this problem should it happen again.

    Wondering if anyone else has seen this problem before?. If anyone from vB tech is motivated to investigate, I do have a full backup from when it was broken that they could restore somewhere and dissect.
    When I was looking at this problem before, I disabled Panjo, Tapatalk and every other plugin. No effect.

    The server has a version of PHP and MySQL that exceeds the requirements for vB4, so that's not it.

    I'm sure if someone who REALLY knows the inner workings of vB were to look at the database, they could tell what's happening, and maybe why.

    This originally happened over the weekend so we just went ahead and did a full restore thinking it was a glitch, but this glitch is back 3 days later.

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    I see your information here:

    It doesn't appear on the custom CMS page you created though.
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