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Organic traffic destroyed after VBSEO URL structure change

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  • Organic traffic destroyed after VBSEO URL structure change

    Hi all,

    Like many who ran VBSEO which became unsupported and hack infested, I had to uninstall it and modify my URL structure. I reverted to the standard non-fancy URL structure late last year. Unfortunately this change destroyed my incoming traffic from Google - to understand how this affected my forum, see the image below - it's clear where the change was made. I had hoped the site would recover, but it's nearly a year on and clearly it hasn't:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2015-09-04 12.59.48.png
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    Is anyone able to help me understand what I can do to get back to where I was? What was it that VBSEO was doing which I cannot replicate with a vanilla vBulletin installation?

    I underestimated the URL structure and benefits VBSEO provided.

    Any thoughts? I run vBulletin 4.x

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    I switched from another forum solution to Vb several months ago. The urls structure was of course, changed. Same results. Google is very slow and seems almost unwilling to reindex the site. Tons of 404 errors are in Google analytics. Of course, the site is being penalized by such errors.


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      Are either of you using URL redirects in .htaccess?
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        Did you resubmit a new sitemap with your new URLs and have 301 redirects from the old URLS to the new ones?
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          Doesn't the current version of Vbulletin 4 have a way to display your URL's that are more seo friendly?
          And what about using redirects?
          Also don't know if you can post links, but has an SEO plugin for Vbulletin for seo url's.


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