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  • [Forum] Install Stucks

    hello am trying to install VB4
    the install always stops at Template Group: Member Info ( 78% )
    i have raised the max_input_time from 40 to 200 and still its stoping any help with that? please
    i have contacted godaddy support and told me the
    recommended settings are by the publisher
    and told me to contact vb support again.


    hope you can help me with that.

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    If the installation is stuck... Dont reinstall it instead just upgrade it and it will continue the process... Then if stack again the repeat the upgrade until its completed.. The upgrade link should be in install/upgrade.php
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      GoDaddy can lock you out of the installation for up to 15 minutes with their anti-DDOS protection. We have no control over this. When the script times out like it does for then look at your address bar. If it says "upgrade.php", refresh the page and see if it continues. If it does not, then you need to wait 15 minutes before continuing. If your address bar says "install.php" change it to upgrade.php and hit enter. However you may still have to wait 15 minutes to continue.

      The issue is less pronounced if you have GoDaddy's Deluxe Linux Hosting at Resource Level 2 or higher (changeable in cPanel).
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