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Help Needed - Post data and thread titles not displaying

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  • Help Needed - Post data and thread titles not displaying

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could provide some assistance. I run a forum for a local club in Denver. For some reason a lot of the text is not showing up now, specifically in the Threat Titles when browsing a forum and the post data when viewing threads. I have checked everything I can think of. Server looks fine, even rebooted it to be safe. I have no idea where to look from here.

    I did notice also when I try to post a thread it comes back with the following error. The following errors occurred with your submission

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    1. vBulletin Version - 4.2.1
    2. PHP Version - 5.3.3
    3. MySQL Version - 5.1.67
    4. Any Addons installed - Tapatalk, MGC Chatbox, Rotating Banner,
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? - yes
    6. Error message on the screen' - See 1st post
    7. Browser and Browser version used. - Multiple. IE 11, Chrome, Tapatalk
    8. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue. - View any forum or thread


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