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Why can't we get a fix for the Facebook problems?

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  • Why can't we get a fix for the Facebook problems?

    Why can’t vBulletin get this fixed? I know they could if they chose to do so. It makes me angry. Version 4 may not be a priority, but they should fix the features that were sold with it. I did a search for the error message I get when trying to use Facebook integration. It is something that obviously popped up frequently after the last FB changes. When doing a search, I found many fixes for other software. Here are some examples of what a search turned up:

    Wordpress – put out a new plug in to correct problem

    Vanilla Forums – gave info to make changes to the plug in to correct problem

    Drupal – provided a patch to fix, followed shortly by a new release to fix

    Ushare – put out a new release to fix

    Social Engine – put out info to manually correct and also put out a new release

    Phoca gallery – manual code edit given to correct problem

    PHPfox - manual code edit given to correct problem

    To name a few. If they are capable of fixing this, why can’t we get it fixed?

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    We released 4.2.3 to correct issues with Facebook Connect. Publishing and Liking are different issues and it is simply a matter of resource allocation that is beyond support's control.
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      I'm not sure who is making the decision not to be bothered, but I have no other way of saying anything. I had put in a ticket and was told as of now it will not likely be fixed. It was suggested I post in the forums, so I did. I know it will likely not change anything. But is really a lousy thing to do to loyal customers.

      And if all of these others as listed above can get it fixed (and within days of it becoming an issue I might add), it is not impossible. Those above are regarding publishing. Something about switching from publish_stream, which is no longer supported by FB, to publish_actions. if they can figure it out, and in a timely manner, why can't VB?

      It is a choice to not allocate resources. It is a choice to shortchange customers.


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        As Wayne mentioned, it's not a matter of "figuring it out".

        vB4 is not under active development at this time and as such no resources are available to fix this. It may get fixed in the future but support have no control over that.

        I appreciate it isn't the answer you need, but that's how things are at this moment in time. There are no plans for further vB4 releases beyond 4.2.3 - but that could change.

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          Is there any hot fix for this problem, please?
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            See my post above - there is no active development on vB4 at this time.

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              I wasn't going to say any more on the topic, because I realize it is futile. But can't seem to help myself. Active development would mean upgrades/improvements/new features. Not fixing features that were already supposed to be there. That were listed as features for paying customers. I am no coder and not at all technical, unfortunately. But the fact that there were fixes for other software so quickly leads me to think it must not be that huge of a thing to do. It's not right.


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                There isnt really a lot of point in arguing over symantics.
                There is no developent on vb4 at this time (active or otherwise) I dont think it could be any clearer than that.

                That may or may not change in the future, but as it stands, thats how it is atm.
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