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  • [Forum] 'New Posts' Search Not Functioning

    Upgraded to 4.2.3 this morning.
    Since upgrade 'New Posts' returns 'no new posts'; the 'click here for posts in last 24 hours works. Quick Links>Today's Posts works
    Using Database Thread Marking

    Also a question... where is main 'link' for the activity stream? if it's supposed to be the 'what's new' tab then it's not working; but, if I type the url (http://****.com/forum/activity.php) into the address bar then it does come up

    ETA: N/m the activity stream question. However the New Posts is a *real issue* that I need to fix
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    Can you find new posts if you just use search, like for a user's posts or for a keyword? If you can't then maybe new posts aren't getting indexed.

    Edit: never mind, "get new posts" wouldn't use the index. In fact probably the only difference between "get new" and "last 24 hours" is the cutoff time, so it must have something to do with getting the time that you last read a post.
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      thanks for the info. Any ideas on how to fix this? Today's Posts works, but that is only for last 24 hours, new posts uses 'last visit date/time'......... and my members desperatly NEED the 'new posts' to work


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        The only thing I can think of offhand is that when the forum is in debug mode, you can display the queries that were done when building a page, and if you click "new posts" you can then see the query of the thread table and what the cutoff timestamp is. I'm not sure if that will help figure it out or not. I suppose if you're not getting any results then it must be that the cutoff time is in the future, or there's an error of some sort.

        Edit: I responded in your thread at, it's probably better to continue discussing this idea over there, if you're interested. Not meaning to discourage anyone else from answering here, of course.
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          Just sussed out that it's something with my custom style, a vanilla test style/theme everything works fine.


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