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  • Copy/Paste Error

    Firefox 38.01
    vB 4.2.2 PL2

    Hey folks, I've been hibernating for a while. My site is suddenly wonkers. anytime someone, regardless of their usergroup - even Admin, tries to edit a post by copy/paste ANYTHING either using a straight copy/paste using the 'plain txt' icon in editor or the 'word' icon in editor, or even turning 'off' the format and doing a straight copy./paste once they/we click submit we get a 'white page' with './error.html ' at the top left hand corner. OR get a vB message that says what was entered is too short please enter at least 10 characters despite what was copy/pasted being well OVER 10 characters.... Is there a fix for this or am I really overlooking the obvious?

    Yes, I tried searching here for 'white page error' and also './error.html ' and only gor results from back in the vB5 forums, and since I'm still a vB 4 I'm asking here =S

    ETA: This also happens when trying to paste into editor when starting a new thread, vB says it's 'too short' despite being 500+ characters...........

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    After copying and pasting, press a space or enter to trigger the update event on the editor.

    To see what the issue is with white pages, have your hosting provider set PHP to display errors on your site.
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      Okay I got them to do that. So now what? I still get the 'white page ./error.html' page when I try to post, when I try to edit a post etc.
      I also upgraded to 4.2.2PL4 from 4.2.2PL2, which reverted to previous problem issues in the socialmessage.php and socialdiscussion.php files that are still being distributed with the problem in them (I'm gonna have to remember to NOT upload those files and overwrite them on next 'upgrade') anyway. The copy/paste issue persists, the edit problem persists, and NOW it's a POSTING problem period. I have folks getting really upset, not to mention it's driving me crazy.


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        Gah! it's happening in admincp now when I try to edit a template! when i click either 'save' or 'save and reload' the left side menu and the 'top'/header of admin cp stays there but the main part of page where the template usually appears is plain white and that dang "./error.html" is there!.


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          You're likely triggering a 403 error with your webhost based on the content of the html/js in the template. Ask them if your site is triggering anything like that and ask them to loosen their mod_security/etc rules.


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            Thanks, updated my ticket with them with that info. I could have sworn when I had either this or another issue in the past that I had them do that. We'll see.


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              Host replied with:

              "A ModSecurity rule was triggered on the site due to too many arguments being forwarded. I've whitelisted the rule for the one sub-domain to ensure the errors do not appear any further"

              Too many arguments? (sounds like a bad day at my house) Are they referring to vB code agruments?


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                The white page ./error.html is still happening, but it's willy nilly. Sometime it happens to me, sometimes other members at the same time but not others, never EVERYONE at the SAME TIME and is NOT a result of copy/paste.... it's posting new topic, replying to new topic, sometimes writing or replying to a Private Message. mod_security is turned OFF so what can I do now?


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                  My host finally decided to totally disable mod_security for my entire domain (not just whitelist it for the sub-domain the forum resides in/on) and that SEEMS to have totally resolved these issues (crosses fingers). WHY they didn't do that to begin with per my request I have no idea.....


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