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    So, I don't normally post or ask questions. Generally I tinker and fiddle with things until I figure them out. This one, however, has mystified me for awhile. I own a website that utilizes Vbulletin 4.2.2 ( ). We are a website dedicated to creative writing, roleplaying, and other play by post style cooperative writing. This essentially means that most of the posts on my website need to stay there (they hold memories for a lot of people as well as being used in later writings).

    My issue, however, is the fact that my Vbulletin Database is approached 8 GB in size. I've installed VBOptimize, which does wonders for it and really assisted with migrating attachments, avatars, and the like OUT OF my database and into APC (Alternate PHP Caching system).

    I've pruned the members that joined older than 365 days with 0 posts, and I've also deleted members older than 1,825 days with less than 10 posts who haven't logged in since their last post. I've also pruned all the threads that I can get away with without incurring the wrath of my user base.

    With all this in mind, is there any alternative ways for me to continue to shrink my database size? Any tricks, etc?

    As it stands, my site has gotten so big and requires so many resources, that it is rendered unusable on any system with less than 8 GB of RAM (my forum is hosted off of a dedicated server, not a shared server). I was wondering what my options are for making a 13+ year old forum database smaller?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I don't know a lot about this, but that seems like a huge database if it's mostly posts and you're not storing attachments in it. If you have phpMyAdmin, if you display the list of tables (click on the db name) and sort them by size, what are the largest tables?

    Edit: Oh, well, 13 years of people sharing their writing, I suppose that could be a reasonable size if it were mostly posts. But it wouldn't hurt to check the table sizes if you haven't already.
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      vBoptimize doesn't migrate attachments out of the software... those functions are built in. Since moving that data out of the database, have you run an optimize on the attachment/file data tables?

      Are you using InnoDB or MyISAM on your tables?


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        I believe the majority of my server is MyISAM. I'm actually in the process of converting everything to InnoDB
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          I wouldn't do that if size is a concern, doubly so if you're not using InnoDB tables as files, triply so if you're relying on the default MySQL fulltext searching.

          I would recommend running an optimize on your post, thread, attachment, and filedata tables.


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            I see, how would I go about doing that? Would that be a Vbulletin Maintenance Feature, or should I start looking into queries?
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              If you have phpMyAdmin installed, you will find the ability to optimize tool within there on the table listing. At the foot, there should be an option (depending on version of phpMyAdmin) to select tables with an overhead. If you don't see that, simply check the tables that have an overhead showing in the end column.

              Then, from the dropdown underneath the table list, select 'Optimize'
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