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Changing "Visitor Messages" Tab

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  • [Forum] Changing "Visitor Messages" Tab

    Hi there;

    This might be considered a hack, but we do have the Phrase Manager to do some customizations, so I don't really consider this a hack at all. It is just a text modification, I just don't don't know where to do this.

    Anyway, I want to change the words "Visitor Messages" to the much cooler word Guestbook on my profile tab for all users:

    Could someone help me with this? Where would I make this change so that the users' Visitor Message tab would say Guestbook instead?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Nevermind, I found it.
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      Can you post where/how? I was looking for that earlier and couldn't find anything associated with that display.



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        Sure. Go into your AdminCP > Languages & Phrases > Phrase Manager

        From there, you will see "Phrases to Show Per Page: 15"

        Change that to 1500.

        When you do, you will see an entire roster of editable features.

        Scroll all the way down to visitor_ messages_ tab. Click Edit.

        You will then see a field, "English (US) Translation (Optional)" with an empty box. You will see a button that says, "Copy Default Text."

        Click the button and you will see Visitor Messages appear in the empty box. Replace text with Guestbook (or whatever you want).

        Click Save and you're done
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