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Please vote on this ticket for a mobile style image uploader for 4.x.x

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    Originally posted by shootingtime View Post
    So Mark, let's say I represent the average forum user who uses an iPhone 6. I can not upload an image from my phone to the forum via the mobile attachment feature in vb5. You don't see this as a problem? Vb5 can't resize on the backend to resolve this?
    I am only new to running a forum on v5.1.10. When first loaded I kept getting the message file to big but with a simple change of file sizes in admincp now anyone can upload any size file.

    This was one of the reasons I choose vb5 easy loading of pictures.



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      Uploading images so large may cause you to run into disk space limits with your hosts... a better option is asking users to resize images to smaller sizes before uploading.


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        Joe is there anyway VB can resize the images as they are uploaded.


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          Nailed it historic trucks. They need to resize on the back end. This wizardry is in practice on other forums and apps


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            I know VB4 and VB3 will resize pics to the maximum values set in Attachments Manager. The limiting factor may be number of pixels height or width, or it may be file size. The problem is as iPhone pictures become larger and larger they now surpass the maximum allowed image size set in the config.php file and may well surpass the maximum file upload size for PHP set on the server. If the image is so large the server won't accept it then VB can't resize it.

            You can try going to the bottom of the config.php and increasing the max image dimensions but the larger it is set the more memory and resources will be used for re-sizing those extra large images.


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