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  • [Forum] Problem with member profile Activity

    Hey guys,
    After upgrading to VB 4.2.2 i've found some problem (in the original template file as well)

    In the activity of the user, you can find:

    USER commented on thread SOME THREAD TITLE when the thread title url link to that specific activity.

    In vb 4.2.2 i find only:
    USER commented on forumdisplay.php?f=41 - Not only it does not display the post title, it also link to wrong path - for it linking to instead.

    Do you have any suggestions how to fix that?

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    Alohaa? Somebody?


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      So are you saying that the link doesn't work? Because vb4 has "Friendly URLs" that are almost in that format. You can change the format by going to Settings > Options > Friendly URLs.

      The other issue is strange, but in the activity stream when someone replies to a thread it says "USER replied to thread ...". It says "USER commented on..." for articles and blog entries. So, which one are we talking about? Or maybe it is saying that for a thread reply, in which case something is wrong with identifying the content type?

      In any case, did you try temporarily disabling all plugins to see what happens? You might need to make another reply or comment with plugins disabled to see what happens.


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