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  • [Forum] Some attachment issues

    VB 4.2.2 PL4
    php 5.4.36

    When users upload an image attachment, it is displayed in full, but only below the text.
    Before they could do it like this:

    some text
    image attachment
    some other text below it.

    Now the attachment is always below the text. So I disable View Attached Images Inline, and a user chooses to put the attachment inline, it can be shown between the text as in the example.
    However, all other exising images are now put as:

    image1.jpg someotherimage.jpg anotherimage.jpg
    (if they have posted a couple) or even something like an url.

    And below the text there is still a link to the attachment.

    I can also do this with "View attached Images Inline" enabled, but then the picture is displayed twice. Once between the text and one below the text.

    As I read, this was a bug in 4.2.2. and is fixed in 4.2.3. beta.

    My questions is:
    Is there any other way to get all the images displayed as in the example in 4.2.2. pl4? And in such way that existing pictures will get either converted so they will also display inline, or at least the they won't be replaced like in the quote?

    The Advanced Insert Image Popup is enabled, the asset manager also.
    Greetings, Black Tiger

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    You may want to try a search over on as I think someone posted some code changes you could do to fix the issue.

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      I'll have a try at that, thank you.
      Greetings, Black Tiger


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