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Codepage mangled and other problems

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  • Delfi_r
    started a topic Codepage mangled and other problems

    Codepage mangled and other problems

    Forum on 4.2.2pl4 (upgrades from 4.14 upwards)

    Installation on ISO-8859-1 and users all Spanish speaking, so all content is coherent (yes I know that in some future we should translate to UTF-8, but it's a waste of space)

    Today I tried to replace filecache to xcache on DrgaonByte vbOptimise. There was a problem wiith the flush and to change the settings I had no other route that disable all plugins and change the parameters to old values. When I have activated all the pages doesn't fit on the right codepage and all content is mangled

    Some variables on the vBoptions have vanished too, and I've noticed that the database backup has increased abruptly the size in the last weeks.

    Shoud I restore to a backup before the actual situation?

    Should I reinstall vBulletin? Wich is the best procedure?

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