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Paid subscription expiration usergroup move

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  • Paid subscription expiration usergroup move

    For the purposes of this question, I have 3 usergroups:
    - a "Registered" free usergroup where all new registered members start,
    - a regular paid subscription usergroup, and
    - a super-premium paid subscription usergroup.

    A user with a regular paid sub can upgrade to the super-premium. My question: when the super-premium membership expires, will the member be defaulted back to the regular paid subscription usergroup because that is where they were when they paid for the super-premium? Or will it drop them into the initial default "Registered" usergroup?

    Example: Member registers for the forum and is therefore in the Registered-free usergroup. Member pays for a regular paid subscription and moves to that usergroup. Member then decides to upgrade to the super-premium paid sub. The super-premium sub has a short expiration. When the super-premium sub period expires, will vBulletin drop the member back to the regular paid sub because that was their usergroup when they paid for the super-premium? Or will it drop them all the way back to Registered-free?

    Hope that's clear. Thanks for any answers!

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    This came up a while back, and I believe the answer is that when the super-premium subscription expires, the user will go back to regular paid. If at that point the regular paid has already expired, then the user will stay in "regular paid" forever (well, until something else changes the primary group). If you can figure out how to implement the super-premium group with a secondary usergroup, that might solve the problem.


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      I think you may have answered my question. I guess that gives me another question, though.

      Actually, the progression is through primary usergroups. I am not using secondary usergroups for this. Paying for a regular or super-premium subscription moves the user into the corresponding usergroup as their primary usergroup.

      1) Member in Registered/Free primary usergroup.
      2) Member pays and is moved into Regular Paid primary usergroup.
      3) Member pays again and is moved into Super-Premium primary usergroup.

      So, I believe you are telling me that a sub expiration would drop the member back into the usergroup they were in when they subscribed. The member above will drop out of Super-Premium back into Regular Paid - that's good for a shorter term on Super-Premium.

      What if Regular Paid has also expired while member was in Super-Premium, for a member who progressed through all 3 usergroups, per the 1-2-3 example above? Will member drop from Super-Premium into Regular Paid and stay there even though it has expired? Or drop again into Registered/Free?

      Thanks for your answers!


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