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Changing the AdminCP & ModCP Dictionary Folder Name

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  • reVizion Gaming
    Would like to bump this just a bit as its related. Running vbulletin 4.2.2 and we have the changes made to config.php but ours looks like this

    $config['Misc']['admincpdir'] = 'blahblahadmincp';

    $config['Misc']['modcpdir'] = 'blahblahmodcp';

    but within Admin CP there are links that are broken now. For example; "Admin CP > Moderation > Moderate Threads" gives a page not found 404 error because it is still looking at the /forums/modcp folder for moderate.php.

    Can someone tell us what we are doing wrong? Or is there something else that needs to be changed?? Repaired??

    thanks very much

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  • AliMadkour
    You can rename the directory whatever you want.
    Then go to the config.php file and update the variable to the renamed directory.

    PHP Code:
    // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and
    // moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes.
    // Please note that if you change the name of the directory here, you will still need
    // to manually change the name of the directory on the server.
    $admincpdir 'admincp';
    $modcpdir 'modcp'
    How To Make My Forums More Secure

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  • snakes1100
    Its not /admincp.php & modcp.php by default, those are directories /admincp/index.php & modcp/index.php

    You can edit the folder names via ftp/ssh and rename them to your choice of words, then edit config.php & change the names there as well to match the names you chose when renaming the folders.

    I would also suggest you apply htaccess to those folder to provide proper secuirty.

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  • Changing the AdminCP & ModCP Dictionary Folder Name

    Hello I'm making a website however It's down due to some Emails from vBulletin but were hoping to get this resolved soon, when I had it up before It got hacked and If I can get it back up is there a way of changing the AdminCP & ModCP so it's a less chance of getting hacked?

    Because everyone knows It's /admincp.php & modcp.php so can I change it if so how?

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