This night I made a mistake when I was working on the CMS on my forum. I run v4.2 and was setting up a new frontpage and also testing the CMS functions and promoting to article function.

Later that I night I noticed that one thread had disappeared but when I looked in the moderator log there were no trace, nothing. When I now test the function were you promote a thread to an article and move the thread to the cms forum and delete the article, the whole thread is deleted without any trace!

So that's just some info.

Now I have a question about getting this thread back.

I have a database backup and want to import this thread from a backup to the forum. Is this possible? If I set up a new forum using the backup database, can I somehow export and import one thread from one vbulletin to a other vbulletin? Or is there some easy way to copy a thread using pdpmyadmin? I am not very good in databses and php etc, but I have basic knowledge. I can see the thread in phpMyAdmin, but I guess it's not that simple to copy and paste...

It is not super important to copy this thread, I do have backup of the forum and my server is taking bakcup of the entire site daily, but it's only one thread and not worth the work and losing all the new theads that have been started the last 20h. But if there is some easy way of doing this, please let me know!