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  • [Forum] Large Forums Performance Issue


    We need to have a large forum board with many forums and sub forums dedicated for millions of users, so what will be vBulletin 4.2.0 Publishing Suite performance or server requirements for servicing large forum boards with millions of users?

    I'm asking you this because we already have difficulties in opening sub forums pages that we created and they are still empty with no content and no users...they are loading, loading, loading more than a few minutes?!

    Please advice about this performance issue in large forum boards.

    Thank you

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    How many forums are you intendeding to have in total? While the forum software can support a fairly large (nearly unlimited, in most cases, depending on server hardware) number of forums, subforums, and usergroups, its not ideal to have large numbers of them. Navigating them by itself is a chore, let alone trying to moderate and control permissions.

    We highly advise tags, and thread prefixes, to help break down sub data types within forums, instead of multiple forums wherever possible.


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      Hi Zachery, thanks for your quick reply.

      Regarding our project structure we have 2 main forums which acts like categories > 5 main sub forums which acts like categories also > 231 sub forums which acts like categories too and every of them have 30 sub forums which will be forums for posting content.

      At the beginning we have not considered that we will have that problem with loading sub forums.

      Please advise can we keep that structure which is essential for our project and have good performance or we have to think about changing that structure?


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        You need to evaluate if you really need 231 subforums and if each one of those subforums needs 30 additional subforums.

        First figure out if you can reduce the number of subforums per each of those forums, into thread prefixes.


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          It is Ok about that but please advice what is the solution if we need all that structure?! Do we have to change some forum settings on forums that acts like categories, some other settings maybe some server settings? The project is still on a local test server.

          We have purchased vBulletin Publishing Suite because of the reason that we can make large structure of forums and sub forums (nearly unlimited) as you say above.

          Also as I can notice, this is vBulletin Version 4.2.0 when I tried to answer you by my HTC mobile the performance is also very slow. What if we have the same issue with our users who will use mobile phones?


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            Hi Zachery, any advice or solution regarding our issue mentioned in the post above?


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              If your going to use that forum structure & keep all the sub forums etc.

              The best way to remedy the slowness issue is to scale the hardware to fit your needs, which could be numerous things, such as better disk(s), SSD or SAS, not SATA, SATA drives simply suck when it comes to a DB driven site.

              You will need to Optimize the server as well, install cache, proxy content via nginx & allow apache to process the php side etc.

              You should look at going to a better version of SQL, 5.5.x, or simply converting to Percona or MariaDB etc.
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