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  • [Forum] Update vb_session table size

    Hi guys, recently my vb_sessions table has been getting full resulting in visitors receiving the following MySQL errors when visiting my board.

    MySQL Error : The table 'VB_session' is full
    On doing a little research within these forums, dodgy footer templates / cron issues appear to be one of the key causes so I set the hourly cleanup tasks (1 and 2)!to register success (or otherwise) via the scheduled cron log to check that the crons were running. Since doing so i have been able to validate that the corn jobs are running without issue.

    I've also tried increasing the frequency of the crons to run every 30 mins but the vb_sessions table is still filling up

    I run my own dedicated server and the forums get between 30- 40,000 visitors a day. During the peak times there are sometimes up to a couple of thousand visitors on the boards. My boards are also very attachment heavy (threads contains images which are hosted on the server). Not sure if this makes much of a difference though.

    One of the suggestions i have read is to increase the size of the table by increasing the value in the max_heap_table_size parameter. The thing is, I have no idea how to do this.

    Please can someone suggest if this would be the most appropriate action and also confirm how I go about doing this for the vb_sessions table (is this a command used via phpmyadmin)?

    Many thanks for any assistance in advance


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    max_heap_table_size is a system variable which should be found in my.cnf on your server. There you can increase the value; if you are not sure what you do please ask your hoster for this.
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