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fb-connect button only viewable to superadmin

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  • fb-connect button only viewable to superadmin

    I have had my facebook option setup on my board for over 1 year now. Everything works in perfect order for the superadmin. However, today was the 1st time I paid any attention to the facebook app on my board for any other members group. I noticed that no part of the facebook anything appears on my board if being viewed by any other member group. I tried selecting different members group in the Settings/Facebook Options/Facebook Usergroup and nothing made any difference when I would login under a different account. I do have a custom style on my board. But I don't think that has anything to do with it cause I also checked this while logged in using the default style.

    Any idea what might be the issue in my case? Thanks ahead of time to whoever responds.

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    I'm a little shocked nobody has responded to this posting yet. Anyway, after posting this I have a feeling why none of my other usergroups are able to view the facebook option might be because I never bought the facebook app? It was confusing to me that the superadmin could view everything with no issue, but the rest of the users couldn't. Since reaching out for some help with this I searched the board here to see a number of different threads posted on what others thought about this facebook app. And the results were not good at all. I actually could not find one positive thread or post on the facebook app. This really makes it hard to now consider spending a $100 for the facebook app especially when I read other admin's stating that the regret their purchase. what really concerns me is others pointing out that development has stopped with this facebook app which is always a bad thing. I believe my needs for this app are different then that of those I read, so I will probably go ahead and make the purchase of it. After I get it installed and setup maybe I will be that guy that has all good to post about my experiences. Wish me luck fellows!


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      The facebook application is not required to use facebook connect. It really should have been named vBulletin for facebook, or something.

      IT allows you to embed your forum directly into facebook as an app like a game.

      However normal facebook connect should work on your site. We'd need a link to your site to see whats going on.


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        The link is
        I have went through each of my member groups and none of them are being allowed to view any part of the facebook anywhere on my board that I know of. But as I say when logged in as the superadmin only does the app work. I appreciate help and support on this very much!


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          When I look at your site in chrome, and firefox, the site appears to have facebook stuff enabled for it. ARe you using IE by anychance?


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            Now I use firefox only. I wonder if it has anything to do with Java. I have updated all parts of Java but still notice it acts a little weird every now & then. I also noticed when in admincp/settings/options/facebook options....that when i click on either of the two links labeled Facebook Developers that it takes me to an all white page.

            *Edit- I tried using Chrome and had the same results. Nothing showed up for either membergroup except superadmin. Strange that this stuff works for you but not for me.
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              Java has nothing to do with the integration, it uses Javascript which is a completely different thing to Java. I've just viewed your site in Firefox and Chrome and can see the Connect button no problem
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                Everything is working as it should, and I figured out why I was having this issue. My board has a plugin installed that allows the superadmin to log into any account as if the superadmin was that member. The method I used to check if the facebook connect button was viewable by other usergroups was, I would login a users account from each usergroup. The result was the same from each account, no facebook connect option. However, when I would in turn then log out of the board and login using a different username and password all showed up as it should. Thank you guys for the help and support with this.


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                  Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                  When I look at your site in chrome, and firefox, the site appears to have facebook stuff enabled for it. ARe you using IE by anychance?
                  Does IE Have a problem with FB Connect?


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