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  • [CMS] Header Width

    Can someone please tell me how I can increase the default VBulletin Header to 100% of the browser width but I would also need to increase the padding so that the search button and other elements are not to close to the edge of the browser. I would really like the layout to stay similar to what it is but increase the navbar and header to 100% but be able to have the tabs and search. logo and other header elements not be to close to the page edge.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for the help

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    This is actually going to be more complicated than it sounds, because you would first have to remove the margin on the left and right side of the body element. That brings the whole forum to 100% with no gap at either side.
    Then you're going to have to enclose the rest of the page in a div with the same left and right margins as you just removed from the body element.

    Then finally you'll have to deal with pushing elements like the logo and search box inwards, I am guessing that you'll want these to sit pretty much how they are now if I am imagining what you want correctly.

    Because this isn't really a simple change, it's something you'd be best asking over on, the modifications site.

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