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VB 4.2.2 + VBseo VS Vbulletin 5 SEO

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  • VB 4.2.2 + VBseo VS Vbulletin 5 SEO

    as the title mention, did somebody experienced that?

    i mean somebody that update to VB5 and from a VB4 + VSEO i would like to read informations about links and position
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    vBulletin will automatically handle _default_ vBulletin 3/4 links and make sure they got into vBulletin 5. However we don't handle vBSEO url's. You're going to take a hit while you wait for the site to be indexed again.


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      The workaround would be to uninstall a few weeks prior to upgrading to get the default urls indexed.


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        There are third party redirect instructions in various's a Web Archive copy of the instructions that used to be ion vBSEO's site:

        If you're going to do this, do it several months before upgrading to vB5 so that the standard vB3 / vB4 URLs get indexed by Google. These will then redirect to vB5 when you upgrade later on, but you can't do both at the same time (remove vBSEO and upgrade to vB5) as vB5 had its own redirects and the two would clash.

        vBSEO was not our product. It was made by a third party company which has long since ceased trading.


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