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Facebook Connect Version 4.2.0 Not Working

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  • [Forum] Facebook Connect Version 4.2.0 Not Working

    I know that other people have had this issue but I didn't find a solution. Most of the threads say to start your own to get the best result, so that's what I'm doing.

    I have a month old Version 4.2.0 board that I'm trying to connect to Facebook. I did the whole setup and now the connect button shows up but it doesn't do anything. When I tested the liking a page it worked but I'm not all that sure why. Usually when one clicks a connect to FB button, said button changes to your avatar and username. In this case, it remains "Connect."

    I'm not entirely sure what is going on, but clearly the overall functionality is working. The issue I have is with the button and how to get that whole system working the way it was designed to.

    Thank you kindly!
    Ben Nusbaum

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    Can we get a link to your forum and can we please get screen caps of your Settings pages on the facebook developer apps site so we can see what you have entered there.

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