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Prevent Long Locations

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  • Hartmut
    One solution could be to go to AdminCP -> User Profile Fields -> User Profile Field Manager and select the one for the location. Decrease the Max length of allowed user input.

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  • jscherbel
    started a topic [Forum] Prevent Long Locations

    Prevent Long Locations

    I have a user on my community that thinks it is funny to put in a long location without spaces so that it bleeds into the main forum post. His location is 'UTAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH', for example, which won't wrap and extends into the main postbit thread area. You can see an example at the URL below and look for user HeavenHarris.

    I'm curious what I can do to clean this up aside from punishing the user. Is there something I can add to the template to ignore a location (or any field) longer than 20 consecutive characters?

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