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  • [Forum] Problem create a test site

    I'm trying to create a test site so that I can test changes for the forum.

    I'm trying to follow the Create A Test Site

    I have a completely new database, however it says 'create a new database then restore your freshly backed up database into this new database.'

    Restoring the old database seems to be the problem. I created a backup using phpmyadmin. When I open the new database in phpmyadmin there doesn't appear to be any "Import" tab. I've been all over the internet and everything seems to say the same thing, click on the missing Import tab in phpmyadmin

    So I tried copying the backed up schema sql and pasting that into the SQL box. It fails on a:
    #1044 - Access denied for user 'dbo445788159'@'%' to database 'db398781439'

    When I briefly looked at the Schema SQL, my guess is that I need to change the references to db3... to dbo4... in the CREATE statement. However as I did a search through the Schema SQL there are other references to db3... which I'm changing to dbo4... is that what should be done? Or am I going to create a screwed up db?


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    When you got problems creating and restoring backups, you could use a program for this. is easy to use. But normally you should see the 'import' button like you saw the export button also.
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      Thanks, that looks interesting. I installed it at my website, but if, in my novice understanding, I get it correctly, it executes by running something called mysqldump. I didn't find any file or shell or whatever named that to make that work in the mysqldump directory(s).

      When I do get a backup to work, I'm back to my original question. The need to change the references of db3... to dbo4... - which I'm not sure I need to do, so that I can restore it to the backup database . It sure isn't explained in the Create a Test Site tutorial. There it talks about renaming tables to vb4test_ which makes even less sense to me as when I wrote code it would fail if the table name didn't match.