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  • [Forum] Forum Structure Questions

    I have multiple questions which the people who programmed the software would know...

    1) How is the forum language set? Is it tied to the user account, or is it cookie based? If a cookie is used, where can I find the information on it so I can reference back to it? And can the language be changed by a $_get value within the url?

    2) How does one use the Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs? Is there a way where I can create my own custom mod rewrite format so that it will remain uniform to the rest of my site?

    The reason I ask these things is because I am working on making my website bilingual the best I can. The biggest issue is that vBulletin is the core of my site, and I would like to continue that pattern if I can. When it comes to the language part I'm assuming that if a user is logged in it will use the default language that they chose in their profile, but if they're a guest a cookie is used to store that information. The over all plan is to have guests select their language, store it in a get value, and call information based on that. I then have used mod rewrite to create a more user friendly url base on my own needs which is where the second question comes into play. if I used the "Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs" the main page if fine, and so is everything when I go into a category. As soon as I click into a forum or post i instantly get a Error 404. I'm not sure if there is anything else I got to do on my side of things to get it to work.

    I would greatly appreciate a reply. Also i'm sure I could use standard url and than use an .htaccess file to make the mod rewrite, or would that break the forum?

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    Languages are based on the languages you have available.
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      I know that much.. I need to figure out how the system calls and stores the languages when a different language from the default is being used by the user, both guest AND registered.


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