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  • [Forum] Only buy ticket and phone support

    I have owned Vbulletin 4 but licence has been expired. Now I want vbulletin ticket support but i cant get this support due expired licence. I want to know can I only buy a ticket and phone support and I dont want to upgrade my vbulletin to version 5 which cost around 209 $ please. Will they support me if I only buy ticket and phone support, please help me.

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    I don't see your license expired.
    If you have further questions you can open a support ticket through your members area or via email to [email protected].


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      I got this email when i had open a ticket.


      I am sorry but you are not eligible for ticket support at this time with your vB4 Forums license since a vB4 forum license only includes 30 days ticket support. However you can get support on the forums here:

      Make sure you have registered and activated your account, and that your email address is entered on the priority support form here:

      Note: Please read this announcement regarding future access to ticket support:

      As per that announcement all owners of existing vB4 Forum licenses will no longer be eligible for ticket support after Sept. 30, 2010 unless they purchase a Support service.

      To order support, please go here:

      Click on the 'Login' link at the top, log into your account, then press 'Purchase' and then under vBulletin Add-Ons, click on 'Shop Now'. You will then be taken to another page where you should select the domain/license you wish to purchase support for from the dropdown.

      Then under Support, select with the 'One Month Phone and Ticket Support' for $49/month, or the 'Annual Phone and Ticket Support' for $199/year plan.

      Make your choice then click the 'Go to Cart' and complete your purchase.

      If you post in the forums, you will need to include the exact database error you are getting emailed to you in order for us to help.

      Lynne Sands
      vBulletin Support Staff Admin


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        Sorry I misread the correct license detail.

        As Lynne already stated with a vBulletin 4.x Forum license you have no ticket support, sorry.

        But you can purchase phone/ticket support for one month ($49,-) or one year ($199,-) without upgrading to a newer version.


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