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Restrict Access After a Post Has Been Made?

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  • [Forum] Restrict Access After a Post Has Been Made?

    Is there a permission that allows you to restrict posting to a forum only after someone submits the post?

    Currently I have a forum setup to not allow posts by certain usergroups. Those usergroups then do not see the Reply to Post buttons. I would like them to be able to see the Reply to Post buttons but after submitting the post display a message that they don't have permission to post with a link to the Paid Subscriptions page.

    I know this is possible as this site is doing exactly that:

    I'm just not sure if its a vbulletin setting or a mod.

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    I don't follow the logic- Do you mean you want users to be able to post a new thread but not reply to a thread until they have already started one?
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      You're probably better off asking at Forum, the modifications forum.
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        I wanted to make sure this is not a feature in vBulletin first before going to

        Users should not be able to make new threads. Certain usergroups should be able to go into an existing thread, click on the reply button, enter their post but then when submitting it redirects them to a message saying they don't have access. The premium member usergroups should only be able to post with the actual post going through.

        The link I entered as the example does exactly that.


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          Don't think you can set things so that an actual reply window is displayed but on submission you get a permissions could probably set it up that way with some code edits though, so is going to be the best place.

          Have to say personally I'd be a bit cross if I wrote a big long post then got a permissions error...if I see a reply box I expect to be able to post what I type in it, but that's not to say this wouldn't suit a specific situation.
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            I just checked and for sure you need custom coding to accomplish that. The built in VB Permission "Can Reply To Other's Threads" will remove the Reply option from people without permission to reply.


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