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SuperModerator wiped more than 10,000 of its posts

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  • [Forum] SuperModerator wiped more than 10,000 of its posts

    Today I was betrayed by one of mnie SuperModerator by wiping more than 10,000 of its posts. The problem is that I do not have a recent back up but I have a backup of 4th October this year. Is there a possibility to somehow pull his posts from the old database and return them to the current?

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    Not very easily, you would be better off using the backup.
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      There is no supported way of doing this. May I suggest you edit moderator permissions in Admin CP to prevent Super Moderators (or anyone not an admin) from permanently deleting anything in the future.

      In terms of unsupported ways, there would be no way to know which posts were deleted because of your supermod and which were deleted for legitimate reasons. you would wind up importing all posts since deleted for any reason.

      Backup the database before you attempt.

      I don't know the exact queries but I imagine if you copy the post and thread tables from the old backup, add them to the database as post2 and thread2 tables for example.

      You would then need a query to copy the entire post from the post2 table to the post table where the postid exists in the post2 table but not in the regular post table.
      Repeat for the thread / thread 2 table.

      Then clear the cache, rebuild the forum and thread counters.

      That should work,


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        This may help - It's about restoring deleted threads, but you may be able to change the queries for restoring threads/posts from a specific userid.

        As always, test this on a test database first and make sure to do a database backup before doing it on the live site.

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          Joe D., Lynne, thank you!
          I'm not skillful with SQL Query. If it is not complicated and you have time to set aside, can someone write that query?

          Would this work?

           INSERT INTO DestinationDB..MyDestinationTable
          SELECT * FROM SourceDB..MySourceTable
          Or can I use Oracle SQLDeveloper to work with exported MySQL databases using "Import Data" task?
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            Here's an accompanying thread at
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              Looking into this further, I don't think manual queries will be necessary if you have phpmyadmin.

              1) Go to the Old Database in phpmyadmin. Export the post and thread tables. (Individually). For each export go to Advanced Options and check the box to use INSERT IGNORE statements.

              2) Go to the New database (assumes you made a backup already) and IMPORT the SQL files for the post and thread table into the post and thread table in the new database.

              3) Go to Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools and run the update for Forums and then Threads, in that order.


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                I did exactly as you explained. I managed to restore into base 10,200 posts. Almost all of them. I am very pleased. I am very grateful for your help and effort to explain procedure.


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