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Google Analytics Code- Which template?

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  • [Forum] Google Analytics Code- Which template?

    I need to insert the Google Analytics code in the page header in between the (head) and (/head) tags. I cannot figure out which template to use.

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    You may try the headinclude template.

    (You may want to do a search on this issue first over on, the modification site, as most people would not suggest putting it in the head, but instead put it at the bottom of the page.)

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      Thanks. It seems to work. At least the forum is still working after I added the script, which is always a hopeful sign.

      I'll find out of Analytics is working as it gathers data.

      - - - Updated - - -

      One more question. If I update the forum to a newer release, will that erase the Google Aanalytics code? Will I have to reinstall it, or is that automatically dealt with?


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        Thanks for the info, I did it and the stats are showing fine in real time.
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