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  • [Forum] positioning logo

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Name:	2012-10-13_11-18-43.jpg
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    i tried to change the position like this thread said
    but it is not working!!

    i put my logo up by overwriting the original.

    thanks - Trading Forum

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    You can set the logo from your style variable: titleimage
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      do you mean this 'titleimage_padding', If yes, I did, but didn't work. - Trading Forum


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        How did you change the logo. You did use the titleimage stylevar and not by changing the header template right? Profile


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          i changed my logo by overwriting the original on the main forum root. Now I am trying to rais it up a little using the style variable'titleimage_padding' cause it's being overlapped by the navbar.
 - Trading Forum


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            You should try asking the skin creators this question, it's not a standard vb skin. Try here


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              Hi there.. I see that you are using a PureVB theme. I have also purchased and got three themes from PureVB. I came across the same issue that you have. The best advice I can give you until you ask the guys at PureVB for a code of some sort is to go onto the PSD file and if the hight is saying 300 pixels then change it for like 500 pixels and make sure that you put your text font right at the top of the transparent box. This will provide space at the bottom of the text allowing that to show at the bottom under the nav bar and should be able to show the text either above the nar bar on your forum or kinda Leaning onto it. Check the pixels of the hight when you get the logo up or when you make a new transparent box and then just keep on adding a extra 100 to the hight, saving it and then uploading it and refresh your forum to see how far it's gone up. Make sure you keep pushing your text to the top.


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                Originally posted by ibrahimkoky View Post
                do you mean this 'titleimage_padding', If yes, I did, but didn't work.
                No, rather than telling you how to position an existing logo, he was telling you the method by which you set the logo path.

                You will either need to adjust the logo itself, or change the padding in your custom style. Changing the logo itself might be easiest, just add some space at the bottom.
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                  got it thanks
                  in the additional.css

                  .logoWrap {
                  {vb:stylevar left}:0;

                  the 20 was higher number.
         - Trading Forum


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