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die 4 true filling my logs

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    This is error handling and should be working like it is. The trick would be to fix the error. Do you allow private albums within vBulletin?
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      Originally posted by Art Andrews View Post
      I wonder if 4.2.2 will address this.
      Sorry, it does not.
      I dont recall ever seeing a Jira report on this.
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        Originally posted by Paul M View Post

        Sorry, it does not.
        I dont recall ever seeing a Jira report on this.
        Here's a link to the Jira report I created on the issue:


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          Not to be rude, but it doesn't feel much like "handling" if there is no information given in the error outside of the very vague die4false/true statement.

          In regard to private albums, without modifying code, I thought there wasn't a way to disable private albums.

          With all of that being said, we HAVE run into members who have no images uploaded yet, running into issue with uploading into their albums and we haven't been able to determine why it happens or what is the cause.


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            There is no good reason for those logging statements, they dont do any harm, but they arent useful either, they look like old debug code.

            If we do another release in the future, i'll look at just removing them. You can comment them out if you wish.
            Baby, I was born this way


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              What do we actually need in this whole block?

              PHP Code:
              //error_log('die 4 ' . var_export($this->attachmentinfo['albumstate'] == 'private'
                                      //              AND
                                      //      !can_view_private_albums($this->attachmentinfo['userid']), true));
                                      // echo clear.gif, not permissions error. This may only be needed for 'albumstate' == 'profile'
              return 0;
              Is that now legit?


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                I have been seeing lots of "die 4 false" errors in my apache log file, no changes in 4.2.2.


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                  I totally forgot this problem. When I reviewed Apache error logs and Google led me to this thread again. lol

                  On my forum this problem was caused by a plugin

                  The plugin doesn't do all permission correctly, when someone browsing the albums, some albums that are supposed to be hidden to the visitor will show up (the plugin will try to display the album but fails), that's how the error kicks in.

                  I have uncommented the line (actually 3 lines, be careful), no harm done.


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