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Forum Ranks and Groups not displaying on Posts

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  • Hartmut
    Do you use the original style?

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  • Lynne
    Do you have any Ranks set in User Ranks > User Rank Manager ? And it doesn't show the usergroup under the name. I have seen a modification that does this, but it doesn't by default.

    Adding an avatar in the Last Post column would require a modification.

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  • Forum Ranks and Groups not displaying on Posts


    I have two problems and I have searched all over Google and the forums for an answer, but I couldn't find one that worked. I have managed to find solutions to all the other issues by searching.. But I am left with these two.

    My first problem is Ranks and Groups not displaying on Posts.
    When a user posts.. On the left it shows their avatar and post count, but it doesn't display their 'Rank' (newbie) or 'User group' (administrator, VIP, Registered User)

    I tried creating a new style but that didn't change anything. And I haven't installed any new plugins so they haven't caused the problem.

    My second problem is Avatars displaying on the forum home page. On the home page it displays all the Forums and in the right column it displays 'Latest post' in that forum. Is it possible to display the users thumbnail in this too?

    Thanks for any help

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