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Image/Video embed not accepting button clicks when second image is attempted to be posted.

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  • [Forum] Image/Video embed not accepting button clicks when second image is attempted to be posted.

    Hi there, having a very weird problem in my forum and I really cannot figure out why. For reference, running 4.2.0 PL2.

    I've had a few members come to me and indicate that when they try to link an image or embed a video using the buttons on the reply fields, that it will accept the first such case, but in the second, no matter how often they click "OK" it never properly adds the second image. I tried it myself and originally thought it was a problem with the [video] BBCode, but as it turned out, it applies to both - if I put both in the same post, the first one will always succeed and be embedded when I click OK, but it will fail on the second one. A few people reported it fails even on the first one, although I've not been able to reproduce that.

    I'm not sure how I could check around or resolve this issue. It's obviously something wacky with Javascript, but I'm not sure where to begin. A scan in the AdminCP (Maintenance > Diagnostics) revealed that some files were not part of vBulletin (but I know these are mods I installed or possibly outdated files) but a few did not have the expected contents. A quick check though revealed it was just the headers being different (probably due to PL2 being a hotfix) so it seems to be nothing weird with any of my files.

    Unless, of course, this turns out to be a legitimate bug, but I'm a lot less confident on that. I think something's messing up with how Javascript handles something, somewhere.

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    What happens when all products and plugins are disabled? Is this browser specific?
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      Tested disabling plugins/hooks and it still occurred.

      Failed to work in Firefox 15. Did seem to work okay in IE9 though (or at least IE9 running through IE Tab in Firefox).

      So it might be something with what Firefox is doing.


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        I think this problem related to the WYSIWYG mode. Try to switch when adding the video code.

        Please report if you think it's a bug:!default.jspa
        Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

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          Confirmed your solution works as a temporary fix (along with manually typing the BBCode, of course).

          I've submitted it as a bug accordingly, and the relevant report is here.
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            Same issue with Firefox 16. Voted on the bug report.
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